NRF Chevron Centre



Yuki Habu

Director & Executive Vice President and Executive Officer

Yuki Habu boasts a remarkable 33-year career at Aeon since 1991. Her leadership has been evident through pivotal roles, including CEO of Aeon China and President of Aeon Hong Kong, endowing her with profound insights into Mainland China's and Hong Kong's retail sectors. Yuki's visionary contributions have driven Aeon's expansion and digital evolution in the dynamic retail landscape of China.

Since 2022, as Director and Executive Vice President of Aeon Co., Ltd., Yuki has assumed the role of Chief Digital Officer for the Aeon Group. Her mission revolves around enhancing productivity and customer interactions by crafting a comprehensive digital platform for the entire group, accompanied by innovative digital solutions.

Yuki's goal is to harness digital and AI technologies to create a "seamless experience" that bridges Aeon's physical stores and digital channels, departing from traditional sales-centric models. Her tireless dedication aims to strengthen customer relationships and foster digital connections with Aeon's living zones.

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