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Steve Kramer

CEO and Co-Founder

Deskless workers are the face of a frontline organisation, directly influencing the customer experience (CX). These same workers are often one of the largest cost centers at a company, meaning their employee experience (EX) is vital to unlocking additional productivity and efficiency. Combine the two, and the impact frontline employees have on both the top and bottom line is significant.

But what would it mean to your organisation if you could achieve your employee experience goals and increase the ROI of your customer experience investment simultaneously? 

Join WorkJam, the world’s first digital frontline workplace, and Qualtrics, the leader and creator of the experience management category, as they share strategies to utilise the power of AI to bridge the gap between CX and EX to turn real-time employee and customer insights into direct action. The result? A more engaged and productive workforce, increased customer satisfaction, and a better top and bottom line.

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